Our Red range offers the ultimate in digital conversion, remote-controlled mic pres and built-in monitor controls coupled with ultra-low latency Pro Tools | HD™, Thunderbolt™ and Dante interface technology. With very low noise, low distortion and ultra-linear design, the Red Evolution mic pres will give extremely accurate representation of the original acoustic performance being recorded. Our low-latency, highly-reliable drivers provide seamless integration with many DAWs while the DigiLink Mini ports allow connection directly to Pro Tools | HDX, Pro Tools | HD native and even older Pro Tools | HD TDM systems.

Our RedNet PCIe and Pro Tools | HD interfaces provide the simplest option for integrating Dante audio-over-IP networks with the digital audio workstation. Again offering very low latency and rock-stable driver performance, RedNet interfaces are fully remote controlled across the network.

Ultra-low latency – create in-the-box mixes for performer foldback without the fear of distracting latency
Dante audio-over-IP – Effortlessly integrate DAWs into Dante networks, or use Dante to easily expand your audio interface with additional I/O
Software control and monitoring – Monitor signal levels and control every parameter of your interface remotely on-screen
Extensive compatibility – Pro Tools | HD, Thunderbolt, PCIe and Dante connectivity offer multiple options for audio interfacing

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