Channel strip including mic preamp, dynamics, filtering and optional A-D

Focusrite's ISA 430 MkII is closely based on the original ISA 110 mic pre and subsequent ISA 130 dynamics sections originally design by Rupert Neve for George Martin's Neve console. The unit is a comprehensive channel strip comprising mic pre, filters, parametric EQ, shelving EQ, VCA/optical compressor/limiter, gate, de-esser and optional stereo A-D card.

The equaliser itself features two separate parametric bands plus shelving low and high frequencies, high- and low-pass filters and the ability to switch individual EQ elements into the compressor side-chain. The four powerful processors that make up the ISA 430 MkII can all be used independently or patched into each other in a variety of ways for maximum versatility.

The dynamics section, recalls the original Trevor Stride/Rupert Neve ISA 130 that dates back to 1987. It features a sophisticated expander/gate section as well as a versatile compressor. Both of these feature modern transparent VCA-based control elements for maximum compression without artefacts. The compressor also features the original vintage optical design for a truly traditional sound, and you can mix the original signal into the compressor output, maintaining dynamics as you take control. Like the other sections of the ISA 430 Mk II, there's a “Listen" button so you can hear exactly what each module is doing.

Not only is the ISA 430 Mk II a powerful channel strip, combining heritage mic amps, equalisation and dynamics; and optional superb-quality digital conversion, each element (and in the case of the equaliser, each section) can be used as a completely separate device for the ultimate in versatility.

Hugely versatile channel strip
Classic ISA mic preamp design featuring Lundahl LL1538 input transformer
Variable cut-off high-pass and low-pass filters
Two-band parametric EQ
Variable two-band shelving EQ
VCA/Optical Compressor/Limiter
Access individual processors through rear panel XLR connectors
Custom reordering of processors
Backlit VU meter with variable calibration
Optional stereo A-D card with up to 192kHz, 24 bit sampling via AES3, S/PDIF or ADAT
Brainworx bx_console Focusrite – exclusive plug-in that faithfully captures the sound, feel and styling of the original Focusrite ISA 110 Equaliser and ISA 130 Dynamics Modules.



Gain Range

10dB to 40dB continuously variable

Input Impedance

Variable as follows: 600 Ohm, 1k4 Ohm, 2k4 Ohm, 6k8 Ohm


Gain Range Mic

0 to 60dB in 10dB steps


-128dB with 150 Ohm terminating impedance at 60dB of gain




0.001 with -20dBu 1kHz input and 20Hz-22kHz bandpass filter

Input Impedence (Mic)

Variable as follows: 600 Ohm, 1k4 Ohm, 2k4 Ohm, 6k8 Ohm

Compressor (VCA mode)

Threshold Range (VCA Mode)

-28dB to 12dB


1.5:1 to 10:1

Slope (VCA Mode)

Soft knee

Attack (VCA Mode)

100µs to 100ms

Release (VCA Mode)

100ms to 7s, variable or auto (program dependent)

Compressor (Vintage Opto mode)

Threshold Range

-40dB to 10dB


Soft knee in Comp mode, Hard knee in Lim mode






Low Pass Filter

18dB/oct from 400Hz to 22kHz

Parametric Section

Comprised of low-mid


Threshold Range (Gate)

-40dB to 10dB

Gate Range (Gate)

0 to -80dB

Attack (Gate)

switched fast or slow

Release (Gate)

100ms to 5s

Hold (Gate)

20ms to 4s

Expander Ratio (Gate)

0 to 5:1


Threshold Range (De-esser)


Frequency Range (De-esser)

2k2 to 9k2

Ratio at centre frequency (De-esser)



Threshold Range (Limiter)


Ratio (Limiter)

Infinite (Brick Wall)

Attack (Limiter)

Frequency Dependent





484mm (W) x 85mm (H) x 250mm (D)

19" (W) x 3.5" (H) x 9.8" (D)



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