64x64 MADI I/O

RedNet 6 is a 1U, 64x64 MADI interface for any Dante™ audio-over-IP network. MADI connectivity is provided in the form of coax through two rear-panel BNC connectors, as well as optical through an SC-Duplex connector. Word Clock I/O allows RedNet 6 to provide clock to external equipment, or alternatively to sync the Dante network to an external clock. The word clock input can additionally be used as the sync source for the unit's sample rate converters, allowing asynchronous operation between the network and the MADI domains. Front panel status LEDs provide visual feedback of signal presence, SRC status, PSU status and more.

64x64 MADI I/O for Dante audio-over-IP networks
Up to 24-bit, 192kHz sampling rates
Input and output sample rate converters
AES10 and AES67 compliant
Multi-mode optical MADI transceiver
Simultaneous optical and coaxial output
Word Clock I/O for increased flexibility
Auto MADI input switching mode: when selected, input will favour optical, and quickly switch to coaxial if optical input is lost
Comprehensive remote control and remote signal metering through RedNet Control


MADI Coaxial

Electrical standard

as per AES10:2008

Recommended Cable

75O characteristic impedance



MADI Optical

Optical Standard

as per AES10:2008 (ISO/IEC 9314-3, FDDI, ANSI X3.166)

Recommended Optical Cable

Multi-mode, Graded-index, 62.5µm core, 125µm cladding

Optical Connector



SRC lock range

41kHz to 216kHz (MADI)

Sample Rate Ratio Limit



-130dB typical


43 to 196 samples (Network and MADI sample rate dependent)

World Clock




5V 75O DC-coupled


locks down to 0.2V AC-coupled (75O software switchable termination)


User Guide

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RedNet System User Guide 1.0

RedNet Control 2.4 User Guide

RedNet 6/D64R User Guide - English

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Data Sheet

RedNet 6 Architect Spec

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