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Upcoming Events

Focusrite Group On Pro Audio In Education, Episode 2

Join us on the 27th October 2021 when we will be holding our latest Pro Audio In Education webinar discussing important topics in music education, funding and more.
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Recent Events

Career Tech EDU Event - April 27th 2021

Watch the Career Tech Ed in Audio Experts Panel, read case studies on outstanding CTE programs, sign up to receive the Focusrite Expert Guide: How to Fund Your Career Tech Program.
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Pro Audio In Education [English] - June 2nd

If you missed our recent ‘Pro Audio In Education’ event, do not worry, we have you covered. You can access the full event along with video highlights and case studies here.
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Pro Audio In Education [Español] - June 3rd

Únete a Focusrite y nuestro panel de distinguidos expertos en audio y educación en un próximo seminario web en el que discutiremos cómo la enseñanza, la creación y el trabajo en el estudio cambiaron durante la pandemia.
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Past Events

At Home, At Home

Watch presentations of the new RedNet R1 controller and Red 8Line interface, learn how to improve your workflow by remotely controlling preamps, I/O matrix, and monitors on the fly.
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