Release Notes | RedNet Control 2.1

New Features in RedNet Control 2.1

AES67 Compatible

  • All RedNet Brooklyn 2 devices along with RedNet PCIe/PCIeR are now AES67 Compatible.

Quick Recall

  • Allocate a saved session or saved device file to the quick recall option
  • Have up to 16 recall options available and recallable via:
    • MIDI Note
    • SysEx
    • Program Change
    • Keyboard Shortcut

Hot Swap Devices

  • Hot swap a device by dragging it in to the place of another device of the same type that is no longer present on the network and adopt all of the parameters, tools menu setup, channel names, MIDI settings and Yamaha ID etc.
  • Device name will not be adopted and routings will need to be created again in Dante Controller

Tab Updates

  • Drag a device from one tab to another by hovering over it for automatic tab change
    • Drop on to a tab to fill the first available slot or drop in to a specific grid slot
  • Pull a tab from the main window and drop it to create new windows which can be used to see devices on other screens
    • Drag back to main window to reattach

New Features in RedNet Control 2.0

RedNet Control 2 is a brand new software application from Focusrite which is based on a tab and grid structure allowing customised views, specific to each instance of RedNet Control 2 on the network. On opening RedNet Control 2, simply drag a device from the list on the left of the window in to a grid slot to get started - for more information on how to operate the software please read below for features, shortcuts and operation tips.

For support, please contact

For any feature requests or feedback, please contact:

Below are features which are new to RedNet Control 2.0:

Custom Setups

  • There can be several instances of RedNet Control 2.0 on the network - will update in real-time.
  • Device List
    • See all Dante devices on the network
    • Devices that exist in a tab will appear as italic.
    • Right-Click to show more options:
      • ID device
      • Rename device
  • Device List Filter
    • Combine different filters to show specific devices. Filter the Device List by:
      • Clear All (clears all filters currently selected)
      • RedNet Devices (single or multiple device types)
      • Tabs (devices in a single or multiple tabs)
      • Not in Tab (devices which are not currently populating a tab)
      • Sample Rate (devices which have a specific sample rate)
      • Pull Up/Down (devices which have a specific Pull Up/Down rate)
      • Third Party (identify all third party Dante devices on the network)
  • Device List Search Bar
    • Search the Device List for a specific name.
    • Will work along side filters, to only search through selected filters.
  • Tabs
    • Create up to 50 fully customisable tabs
    • Select between different grid sizes
      • 3x4 - Show up to 12 devices per tab
      • 2x3 - Show up to 6 devices per tab
    • Rename and Rearrange order
    • Drop-Down menu accessed by right-clicking:
      • Rename Tab
      • Clear Absent Devices (Removes devices which are no longer on the network but are still populating a tab)
      • Clear All Devices (Clears all devices which are specific to selected tab)
      • Tab Info (Coming Soon)
      • Tab Sample Rate (Coming Soon)
  • Grids
    • Drag and Drop a device from the Device List in to any grid slot within a tab to allow control and metering of selected device
      • Alternatively, select several devices using Shift (for large selection) or Command/Control (for individual selection) and drag in to the grid.
    • When dragging one device on top of the other there are a several options:
      • Replace - Overwrites device below
      • Shift - Shifts all devices to the right. Will not appear as an option if all grid slots to the right of selected grid slot are populated.
      • Cancel - Returns selected device back to previous grid slot.
  • Auto Populate Tabs
    • Located at the bottom of the device list - when pressed will automatically populate and create tabs based on the previously selected grid size.
    • Will populate the grids with all RedNet devices in the Device List.
    • If a filter and/or search has been applied to the Device List, this will only populate with devices visible in the Device List
    • Alternatively, select multiple devices from the Device List and press the 'Auto' button to only auto assign selected devices.
    • Note: Will not overwrite devices that are currently in tabs and will instead populate around them.
    • Previous state will be stored and recalled on closing and reopening RedNet Control 2.0

Sample Rate Configuration

  • Global Sample Rate
    • Located in the Global RedNet Control 2 menu, select a Sample Rate for the system and apply to all tabs, apply to all RedNet devices or apply to all Dante devices on the network
    • Select which device on the network all Tabs should follow
  • Tab Sample Rate
    • Select separate sample rates per tab and choose which device an individual tab should follow from the ribbon at the top of each tab


  • Lock and unlock Tabs to prevent any unwanted changes to tab names, location or device location.

Status Log

  • Use the log, located in the RedNet Control 2 Global Menu, to identify the following:
    • Warnings
    • Network Changes
    • File Operations
    • Firmware Upgrades
    • Device Information


  • Session - Save & Loads the following:
    • Tabs
    • Tab Names
    • Device Location with in Tabs
    • Filters
    • Searches
  • Device - Save & Loads the following:
    • RedNet 4 parameter (Can choose to load specific functions per channel)
    • RedNet MP8R parameters (Can choose to load specific functions per channel)


  • Newly designed Front Panel GUI
  • Newly designed Spanner menu
    • Real-time changes without the requirement to open and close the menu
  • RedNet 4 and RedNet MP8R
    • Live/Setup Views:
      • Live - Shows Gain Dials and Metering
      • Setup - Shows Channel Parameters

Channel Clipping

  • Identify which devices have a clipping channel from the Device List, with the name turning red or from the tab that device is in, from the tab colour changing to red
  • Set clip hold times from the RedNet Control 2 Global Preferences Menu
  • Adjust a Mic Pre channel to automatically clear a clip
  • Click on a clip LED to clear all clips on that devices
  • Use shortcuts indicated below to clear globally or per tab

Functions & Shortcuts

  • Shortcut to lock and unlock grid
    • Mac: 'Command, L'
    • Win: 'Control, L'
  • Adding Tabs
    • Press the ‘+’ button
    • Click in dead-space to the right of the tab
    • Mac: 'Command, T'
    • Win: 'Control, T'
      • Grid Size selection defaults to last chosen when using 'Add tab' shortcuts
  • Switching between Tabs
    • Click on new tab
    • Next tab: 'Tab'
    • Previous tab: 'Shift, Tab'
  • Renaming Tabs
    • 'Enter' to commit
    • ‘Esc’ or click anywhere else to cancel
  • Shortcut to remove current tab
    • Mac: 'Command, W'
    • Win: 'Control, W'
  • Scroll along Tabs
    • Mouse wheel
    • Trackpad scroll
  • Double-Click on a device name in the Device List to automatically jump to the tab that the device is currently populating.
    • Device will ID for several seconds
  • Dialogue Boxes
    • 'Okay’ or ‘Cancel’
    • 'Enter’ or ‘Esc’
  • Remove plugins from tab if device is no longer on network
    • Mac: 'Command, Backspace'
    • Win: 'Control, Backspace'
  • Remove plugins from all tabs if device is no longer on network
    • Mac: 'Command, Shift, Backspace'
    • Win: 'Control, Shift, Backspace'
  • RedNet 4 and RedNet MP8R Precision Gain
    • Mac: Press ‘Command’ when changing gain
    • Win: Press ‘Control’ when changing gain
  • RedNet MP8R Pad Modifier
    • Shift and click on the gain dial in either Live or Setup View
    • Identify a Mic Pre channel which is being controlled by a different instance of RedNet Control 2 on the network.
      • Channel will flash
  • Clear all Clips in Tab
    • Mac: Command, Shift, C
    • Win: Control, Shift, C
  • Clear all Clips Globally
    • Mac: Command, Shift, Option, C
    • Win: Control, Shift, Alt, C

RedNet Control 2.1 Download

  • RedNet Control 2 Supports:
    • Mac:
      • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
      • OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
      • macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
      • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)
    • Windows:
      • Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
      • Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
      • Windows 10 (32/64 bit)


  • RedNet Firmware:
    • Brooklyn 1: v1536
    • Brooklyn 2: v1845
  • Brooklyn Firmware
    • Brooklyn 1: SW / FW
    • Brooklyn 2: SW / FW
  • Ultimo Firmware
    • Ultimo: SW / FW
      • (Non-automatic update - See 'Important Notes' for more information)
  • PCIe/PCIeR Firmware
    • PCIe/PCIeR: SW / FW

Important Notes

During installation, a dialog can appear from Audinate's "Dante Control and Monitoring Installer" about firewall settings on Windows 8. Please manually confirm your firewall settings allow Dante Control & Monitoring through the firewall.

For Brooklyn 1 devices that are currently on Firmware Version 3.4, please follow these steps to upgrade your device:

There is a firmware update available for Ultimo Products (RedNet AM2) which will enable the Audinate 3.10 Firmware which includes Dante Lockout. To access this file, see instructions below and update using Dante Firmware Update Manager:

Retrieve "ult-01-002-" from the RedNet Control 1.10 installation.

Mac: Applications/RedNet Control (Right Click "Show Package Contents") Contents/MacOS/Firmware/"ult-01-002-"

Windows: Program Files (x86)/RedNet Control 2/Firmware/"ult-01-002-"

Dante Firmware Update Manager can be downloaded here:

Known Issues

RedNet AM2: When a signal is present on Channel 2 and not on Channel 1, RedNet Control will not show signal metering on Channel 2.

Defaults message from Pro Tools does not clear linked channels on RedNet 4.