What's A Multi-Layered Circuit Board?

We take a look at multi-layered circuit boards to explore what they are, how they work and why such complex circuitry is required for audio interfaces such as the Red 16Line.

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What is jitter?

In our latest technical article, we discuss one potential source of unwanted distortion known as jitter and explore ways to keep it out of your recordings.

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What is JetPLL?

Join us as we take a close look at JetPLL, found within our Red and RedNet interfaces, which reduces jitter to around one nanosecond (a billionth of a second!) and keeps your clock ticking.

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A Primer On Word Clock

Word Clock connections are on almost all professional digital equipment, but how do you use them?

In our latest technical article, we take a closer look at word clocks, their uses and applications.

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All About ADAT

Today, ADAT is used to refer to the multi-channel transfer protocol that lets you expand your audio interface’s I/O using external equipment. But its history is a quirky tale of video cassettes, repurposing old (but good) technology and stealing power from the major labels and recording studios.

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The Lundahl LL1538

Focusrite grew out of a 1985 request fromBeatles producer George Martin to recording console designer Rupert Neve (afterhe'd sold his eponymous company), to build a no-compromise mic pre and EQ forthe Forte mixer — destined for Air Studios on the island of Montserrat — andsubsequently ravaged by a volcano! The modules, prefixed with the letters ISA(Input Signal Amplifier), featured a mic preamplifier with the Lundahl LL1538transformer, used in every Focusrite ISA mic pre since.


Red Evolution Mic Pre: Air Mode

Engaging Air on the Red Evolution mic pre places an emphasis onthe high end that makes music come alive. Vocals become flighty and vibrant.Percussion, guitars and other acoustic sources become etherial and nuanced.Mixes are clearer and more emotive.Learn more.

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Focusrite Pro In Education Guide

Sign up for our free guide to learn how educational institutions around the world are benefiting from Focusrite Pro Audio-Over-IP solutions. Discover real world case studies and see how different facilities are using Focusrite Pro products to deliver rich audio experiences to staff and students alike.

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Learn more about Audio-over-IP for Post Production

Today, AoIP technologies are fully established in the 'wild'. Countless studios, theatres, permanent or temporary music venues and commercial premises employ AoIP systems to great effect. Many sound stages are using AoIP to some extent; some are leaping ahead in terms of flexibility with full-scale networked audio systems. Read more.

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The RedNet Mic Pre

Bringing together decades of experience with mic preamps, Focusrite's latest innovation is the RedNet preamp – a remote-controlled, DC coupled, capacitor free design that is the most open, transparent and natural sounding pre Focusrite has ever made.

By employing techniques that are seldom seen outside the rarefied territory of the audiophile, the new Focusrite RedNet preamp offers next-generation sound quality for any modern audio recording application.

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The Sound Of RedNet

RedNet is no exception to Focusrite's philosophy that 'sound is everything'. In fact, Focusrite took this philosophy one step further with RedNet, a technology which embodies the company's most advanced A-D/D-A conversion to date along with rock-stable JetPLL clocking and premium 'red' analogue circuitry.

With every design detail meticulously engineered, RedNet is a step above its I/O competition, providing some of the most transparent and pristine audio quality available – with the added benefit of the systems' revolutionary networking capabilities.

RedNet designer Simon Jones sat down with Richard Elen to discuss the technology behind the sound…

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Build Your Audio Fortress

There have always been security concerns with audio in commercial applications. Back when tape was the go-to medium, for example, keeping a close eye on who had access to the storage facility was important to stop people tampering with, or stealing, a record company's masters. Similar media-management concerns are real in the digital domain. In fact, threats of data theft are multiplied due to the ability to share Gigabytes with the world in seconds. So despite the significant practical benefits of modern audio-over-IP systems, there are completely new security concerns to consider, and best practices to adopt.

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Take the Dante Advantage

So you've bought a Focusrite Red interface – congrats! It's taken pride of place in your studio and you're over the moon with its rock-bottom latency and dynamic sound. Right now, you're happy using the DigiLink and Thunderbolt ports to interface with your various DAWs, after all it's the first time you've been able to use the same interface for Pro Tools | HD and Ableton Live. Or maybe you're using a Red interface on stage for playback with your band. You bought it because of the quality of the conversion and the low latency, but you've noticed that the stage crew is using a Dante network for the monitor and FOH mixing. Well, you have Dante too, and it's ready and waiting to be used.


The Red Range In Depth

The way in which we interconnect audio equipment has hardly changed since the early days of the technology. Each audio path is represented by a single cable that runs from one piece of equipment to the next. In modern telecommunications parlance, the logical and physical paths are the same: one cable equals one channel. Signals are routed via individual copper cables, and implementing unplanned – or even planned – changes in a system, such as moving or adding channel capability, can result in extreme expense, time and effort.

The advent of digital audio networking, also called "audio-over-IP" means the removal of much of that time, effort and expense, by separating a system's physical and logical connections...

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The Wonders Of IP Clocking

All digital audio systems require a clock, in order to synchronise connected devices to a common, continuous, and time-aligned sampling rate. But with the technological advances of networked audio, with wholly different connection and communication infrastructures therein, we have to embrace new ways of distributing sync in the quest for glitch-free audio.

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Designing The Ultimate Interface

The Focusrite Red interfaces represent the culmination of over 15 years of audio interface design and manufacture, which grew out of the company's preceding 13 years of expertise in analogue and digital audio fields. Not only are the Red 4 Pre and Red 8 Pre the newest and most advanced of Focusrite's interfaces, they have been designed and built with the highest specification of any Focusrite interfaces ever. This article uncovers the technical methods implemented by the R&D team to make the Reds the 'best ever', and perform to the standards demanded of the ultimate interface.

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Configuring a switch for Dante

Configuring a switch for Dante

Audio-over-IP with Focusrite's Dante-based products is simple. For the majority of systems, setup will be extremely straightforward. The following guide details exactly what to do with your managed switch when setting up the network. Whether you're new to networking or a seasoned IT professional, this information will be easy to implement.

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