Gain knowledge, recognition and access to an exclusive group of industry insiders.

Focusrite Pro is proud to introduce a new training and certification program for Red, RedNet, and ISA solutions. This program is comprised of two courses: Core and Advanced. Each training is hosted live via Zoom, and each take approximately thirty minutes to complete, with a ten-minute test at the end. It's a free course, available to select members of the audio community.


Summary introduction to Focusrite Red, RedNet, and ISA Solutions.

General overview of Dante networking: what it is, how it works, and how it can benefit modern facilities.

General overview of how RedNet solutions work within a Dante network.


Expanded breakdown of internal product function on Red, RedNet, and ISA solutions.

Deep dive into RedNet Control, a powerful software that controls the RedNet ecosystem.

An expanded look at CORE training principles.


  • Credability: The badge and certificate serves as a recognizable symbol of your knowledge in Audio-Over-IP solutions.
  • Networking: Gain access to our exclusive Certified RedNet Users Group, alongside industry pros from universities to post studios to music production.

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